1.Non-contiguous pattern block provides powerful driving and braking ability.

2.Reinforced carcass steel cord and promotes even stress distribution, reduce deformation curve.

3.optimum tread formula provides excellent cut-resistance and tear-resistance.


Tire SizePRSingle/Dual Load(Kgs)Tread Depth(mm)load index and speed rateOD & SW(mm)Standard RimPr(kg)
12R22.51819.03550/3250152/149 k1085 2939.00930
9.00r201615.52800/2650144\142 k1019 2597.00900
10.00R201816.003250/3000149/146 K1054 2787.50930
11.00R201819.03550/3250152/149 K1076 2938.50930
12.00R202019.04000/3650156/153 K1136 3158.50830